About Us

Zinger Customs, llc is known exclusively for the highest quality restorations and custom work. At Zinger customs we do more than bring your vehicle back to life…we turn it into a work of art. With multiple award winning projects and many satisfied customers, we have built a spotless reputation in the auto restoration community. Our project blogs on forums are often used by restoration enthusiast as the gold standard.

You simply will not find a more refined finished product or friendlier service. Please take some time and review past projects in our gallery, or for a more in depth look, visit our forums page.  There you will be able to see our skills at work on select vehicles from start to finish.  As you do so, keep in mind the time frame the vehicles were finished in.  Many restoration shops, and especially “body shops,” will take on a project and keep it for years, in many cases, left to gather dust in the corner.  We work on a few projects a year and complete them in a timely manner, usually in 6 to 12 months.

However our relationship with our customers doesn’t end there, our guarantee is this: as long as you sit in the driver’s seat, we sit beside you.  We warrantee our work for as long as you own your investment.

We also offer our services in locating, purchasing, delivering or restoring any vehicle no matter how rare. With many industry contacts and our experienced eyes and hands at work we can ensure your next collector car purchase is a well inspected and worry free one.

Our name Zinger Customs was chosen by owner/founder Josh Baker way back when he was 13. Drawing and creating came naturally to him.  Zinger Comics was his first comic book…Zinger Records was on his band’s first recorded album. Desiring to be a custom painter he started Zinger Customs, but the direction of his business directed him more toward the restoration of classic cars, the very same detail oriented skillset that served him artistically, drove him to achieve excellence in fit and finish with clients automotive investments.

However, the creative side of Zinger Customs continued to grow and with a team of dedicated and talented craftsmen, the results are just now coming to fruition. Recognized by print and online media outlets as outstanding examples of custom creation, Zinger Customs’ projects “Wild Turkey” and “Blood Dragon” have appeared in multiple magazines, websites and industry spotlights.  The chopper project “Blood Dragon” was recognized by the 2013 NHRA sponsored Detroit Autorama with the awards of “Best Chopper” and “Outstanding Paint” for all bike categories.

We have also carried this creative edge over into our custom interior design and pre-production renderings. Taking otherwise boring stock interiors, such as found in the Fiat Jolly, and transforming them into something much more, all without altering important original foundations. Being able to provide professional renderings of interior or exterior details helps customers see exactly what they can expect in a finished product.

So if you want a custom creation you’re at the right place! Let our skilled team collaborate with you and help bring your vision to life.